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Heavy Duty Arm Mitts 17"

Heavy Duty Arm Mitts 17"
Product No# 88480900428
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Full-on, heavy-duty protection from guns to fingertip make these arm mitts a favourite among forearm-burned kitchen veterans.  Compare @ retail $24.99

Most times we protect and pay attention to our hands when reaching into a hot oven, but it's our forearms that get scorched repeatedly on those racks as we reach in between.

Put an end to all of that with 17" of continuous forearm and hand protection.  Favoured by bakers and chefs working in hot dry and steam ovens, with hot pans and implements.    Heavy-duty, lined, double-thick cotton terry for heat resistance and flexibility of movement. 

Protected with AEGIS Microbe Shield™ antimicrobial technology.   Oven Mitts offer excellent heat and burn resistance but are not heat proof.  Sold by the pair. One size.  

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