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Station Bar Mops

Station Bar Mops
Product No# 88480900434
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Half dozen.  A great cross-over product for the everyday gourmet hard at work in the residential kitchen.  Professional cooks working in institutional food service and production facilities use colour coded kitchen towels (bar mops), for station specific tasks, and to avoid touching tools, dishes and equipment with towels used for counter clean-up or handling food. 
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Colour Coded Cleanliness

Perfect complement to both our utility grade white kitchen towels and our heavy-duty kitchen towels.   Sold only in half-bulks of six.  26 oz weight.

Made of 100% looped cotton terry for ultra-absorption. At 16"x19" (41cm x 48cm) in size, these offer more than TWICE the hard-working surface area of the popular white 12"x12" size mop bundles sold in discount and big box stores.   Easy fold or roll for convenient storage.  CH bar mops respond well to sanitizing high-heat wash and dry.   At the end of their life in the kitchen, retire them to the polishing bin where they will continue excellent service to furniture, silver, shoes, cars...

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