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Lint-Free Waffle Towels

Lint-Free Waffle Towels
Product No# 88480900433
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Pack of four.  Designed for professional use in restaurants and bars, to dry glassware coming out of the commercial glasswasher, and polish it to a lint-free standard.  They certainly do that well, but we like them for their beautiful esthetics too.  Compare @ retail $33.00

Performance built:  Made of 100% cotton, and waffle-woven for performance to be sure, but these towels remind us in texture and in size - a generous 29" long x 17" wide - of Victorian-era body and hand towels woven of linen (flax) and then bleached in the sun. 

Our waffle towels look equally beautiful hanging in the kitchen as they do in the bath or in a hand-towel basket, and they are priced for commercial use, which means savings for you.

  • Use for their intended purpose, to dry your barware to a lint-free shine.
  • Keep a fresh pair hanging on the oven rail, to touch-up wine glasses and silverware coming out of the dishwasher.
  • Use in the guest powder room. Fill a beautiful basket with a half-dozen folded.  Très élégant!

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