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Grilled Prawns with Thai Spice and Preserved Lemon over Greens


This go-to recipe is very quick and easy and can be adapted for a variety of seafood, meat and vegetables grilled indoors or out.  Scallops, lobster tails, squid, firm fish and chicken, all suit this preparation.  To make ahead, simply prepare the grilled items and greens separately, then assemble cold just before serving. Otherwise, this dish is best enjoyed when the prawns are hot off the grill. 
Rollover suggestion:  grill an extra helping or two of protein when you prepare this dish, then use the leftovers cold the next day, chopped, mixed into quinoa or brown rice drizzled with Thai vinaigrette and greens, all rolled into a whole wheat wrap. Perfect for picnics.

  • 24-32 prawns. Use 6-8 per person for a main course
    (we used 7 BC Spot Prawns per person; for a side course use 3 prawns per person)
  • 1 preserved lemon (in brine, not dry-packed), zest only - reserve flesh in the brine
  • 3 cloves roasted or confit garlic, mashed (or 1 fresh clove, minced)
  • olive oil for massaging prawns (we use Domenica Fiore)
  • 1 tablespoon DM Thai Spice Blend or other premium un-salted Thai spice
  • salt to season
  • basic vinaigrette (like our basic recipe) plus 1 teaspoon DM Thai Spice or other Thai spice
  • organic baby greens of choice - one large handful per person for a main course (half for side). Choose a colourful mix of various shaped leaves; add mint or lemon balm if you have.

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Wash and dry your greens gently, then place in a towel or covered container in the fridge until needed.  Prepare a basic vinaigrette (or use store bought), then whisk in 1 teaspoon (or to taste) of the Thai spice, and place the vinaigrette in the fridge until needed.  Remove the peel from the preserved lemon and mince it finely - set aside.

Rinse and dry the prawns then lay them flat on a tray. Brush them lightly with olive oil. Turn over and brush the other side.   Using a small fine sieve or strainer and a small spoon as an agitator, dust one side of the prawns lightly with the Thai spice.  Massage the olive oil and spices into the prawns using the back of the spoon. Turn the prawns over and repeat, using a clean spoon.
Thai Spiced Grilled Prawns 600w
Slide the prawns onto skewers (flat 'saber' skewers prevent food from turning during cooking) and prepare your grill or turn the oven broiler to high.  When the grill is hot, prepare your greens by placing a few tablespoons of the Thai vinaigrette in the cold salad bowl and tossing greens to coat only lightly.  Set aside, back in the fridge if possible.   Grill the skewered prawns over direct but not flaming heat (or a few inches from the oven broiler) for about one minute per side or until pink, then remove from the grill (oven).

Arrange the dressed greens on individual plates or family style on a single large platter.  Place whole skewers on top of the greens or remove prawns from skewers before arranging on greens.  Garnish with minced, preserved lemon.  Serve immediately.


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